I am Rebecca Benaim Fletcher and I have some lofty dreams and goals. Also, you will notice as you check out all my websites, that my life is literally an open book, which may bite me in the butt when I kick off my political career, but I really have nothing to hide.
I am extremely smart and dorky at the same time. Dedicated and hard working, but will happily sleep the entire weekend away given the [rare] opportunity. I am just as at ease coding HTML and MySQL as I am fiddling with RS Creative Solutions and Sheep2Skein Yarn Shop. My love of fangirling over Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, and more keeps me busy with friends of similar geeky fandoms.
I keep suuuuuuper busy with a full-time job, part-time grad school for an Ed.S. degree, and a freelance web & graphic design company. I graduated this past Spring with a Masters in Public Administration and certificates in Human Resources Policy & Management and Conflict Resolution. I also have an MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems.
It’s a wonder that I have any time to sleep or spend time with my husband.


Feel free to get in touch: becca@rbf42.com

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