I am Becca Fletcher and I have some lofty dreams and goals. Or I did. These days, I am re-learning how to function as a solo parent, widow, and grown up.

I am extremely smart and dorky at the same time. Dedicated and hard working, but will happily sleep the entire weekend away… once upon a time. I am just as at ease coding HTML and MySQL as I am fiddling with WordPress sites like CLF Sunshine and Sheep2Skein Yarn Shop. My love of fangirling over Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, and more keeps me occupied with friends of similar geeky fandoms.

I keep busy with my pride and joy – my daughter Clara, a full-time job, and a freelance web & graphic design company. I have a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters in Business Administration, with certificates in Management Information Systems, Human Resources Policy & Management, and Conflict Resolution.

In late 2022, I became a solo parent and widow after a 3.5 week stint in the ICU for my husband.

Feel free to get in touch: becca@rbf42.com

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